Domine (game from Hundred Rabbits)

I recently came across this video from Hundred Rabbits of a game called Domine. Super simple game you can play with a set of dominoes. I transcribed the rules for this game from the video since it looks really fun and I can’t find the rules page anymore.

Equipment: Double 9 domino set

Goal: To have the most “living” dominoes at the end of the round.

Attack Rules

When a player attacks with a domino, the opponent must defend with a value equal to or higher than the attack. If the opponent’s domino defense value is lower than the attack, the domino is killed. If the opponent’s domino defense value is equal to or higher, then they have survived. If the opponent can defend and has an attack number higher than the player’s domino defense value, the opponent can counter to kill the player’s domino. Double dominoes get first strike, regardless if they initiate the attack.

Part of Inexpensive and Minimal Equipment Games To Spend Time On