Milo Land

Buying Things "Just In Case" vs. Real Estate

In wondering if I should make a purchase, I noticed a problem with my thinking early on: if something was on sale, I'd buy it, just in case I needed it later to accomplish some goal or in a project I had in mind. The reasoning was that if I bought it now, in a year when I need that very specific thing on that project, then I won't have to pay what feels like an extra amount, as well as extra time, to go and buy it.

There were a lot of problems with this line of thinking, mostly that the allure of a sale deluded me into thinking that I will use the thing, making me think about all the things I may need this thing for and justifying it that way. But what finally broke this down for me was thinking about the real estate these things take up and how it affects me.

Does buying a thing just in case I need it in the future outweigh the costs? Putting extreme situations aside, I pretty much always feel the answer is **no**.

There are still situations where buying something just in case is actually useful, but I find that is few and far between. At this point, I have much more usable space than I did before, a lot less half-done or barely started projects, and more money.

Overall, if I had to choose one side, I would choose real estate over buying things "just in case".