Milo Land


This is a list of stuff I want to try doing at some point. Some are hare brained, for sure. If you have comments or ideas, or are interested in collaborating, reach out!


Float, tread water, and swim _efficiently_

Whistle loudly without using my hands

Make an outdoor structure in nature using nature and use it (sleed under a lean-to, etc.)

Make a terrarium and have it last a year

Make a shirt from scratch

Make ginger beer

Make a raft out of bottles?

Build a chair

Sing bach chorales with friends in a super reverberant space (concrete stairwell, silo, etc.)

Eat foraged dandelions (greens for salad, roots for tea, heads for wine)

Run a marathon

Perform ~15 minutes of music on my pump organ in a public space

Learn to fight/defend with the jo/bo staff

Organize a tournament of something that is not important

No computer, internet, phone (other than calling) for a month


Play "hand flute" a full octave

Pick locks

Learn Toki Pona well enough to read and write in it semi-fluently

Boneless up a curb

Spin a pen

Make a flag for our house


Camp with only a bivy sack (and maybe a tarp for cover)