Milo Land

About Me

Me staring into the camera with pixelated effects.

What I love

I'm also almost always working on something my friends think is stupid, but it's actually cool, trust me. Check out what I'm up to right now, or you can also dig around in my wiki for a squashed look at what I do and what I find interesting.

What I don't love

I'm learning to be more vulnerable and empathetic. However, this doesn't mean I'm willing to entertain people who want to control others. This includes, but is not limited to:

I empathize that we all have gone through shit and are trying to find our way through life. I don't agree with these methods of utilizing power over others as a balm for trauma. Find the trauma you may be running away from and understand you are passing this trauma along to others. I don't have patience for people who aren't trying.

I think many of us are trying to be good people. This belief does not change the pitiful actions that we make in our lives at the expense of others to try and make us feel safe and in control. Good therapists are wonderful. While it has been difficult and uncomfortable, I and the world are better for the work I put in for me. I assume this is the same for all of us.

Don't lose hope for yourself, do better for you and for others.