Milo Land

Day planner based on location

I found this idea on the internet probably around 2009, made my own version, and then unfortunately lost the reference to the original page. If you know where or from whom this originated, **please** tell me!

The idea of this is to have a day planner where the axis around which you plan is not time, but location. Instead of thinking about what you are going to do between 9am and 10am, this has you think about what you can do in a given space.

Example of the day planner

The thing I like best about this is that it is really good for keeping you in touch with activities you enjoy and places you like, making it easy to do those things by choosing it off of a menu. It's almost like a worksheet for the day, with the bottom of the page open for note taking, drawing, and scribbling ideas down. Appointments and other real-life things aside, this is a lateral-thinking way to encourage you into desired activities.