Milo Land

Zentube - Youtube Lite w/Note Taking (HTML/CSS/JS)

This was designed for desktop use only, so the user experience on mobile is really not great.

You can find the updated project and all necessary files here on Codeberg.

I wanted to be able to take notes on a Youtube video without having to tab out of the window to a text editor all of the time. After seeing Josh Avanier's Down and Hundred Rabbit's Left, I realized I didn't need to do anything fancy, and in fact I preferred the minimalist layout that vanilla JS can provide.



This saves the text you write for a given Youtube video into local storage and will load it up again upon returning to the same video. Supports exporting to a text file and adding automatic timestamps.

Borrowed/stole heavily from Skeleton CSS and Josh Avanier's Down for code, stylesheets, and ideas.

Skeleton CSS