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Track - Daily Journal and Log (Python)

Check out the up-to-date version on GitHub

I wanted to have a way to track my mood and accomplishments over time, keep track of my priority for the next day, as well as a basic journaling platform that was not pretentious or leading. Seemed like a good project and I had seen a few people on making some fun CLI tools in this vein, so I took a swing at it. Inspo from lon by dstn.

lon by dstn



On prompting, input:

This will save this data into a file named `.track` in your root folder, formatted like so:

20201011 (4) Spend time on programming, exercise, and work.

* Write daily tracker program
* Exercise with 1.5hr walk
* Brainstorm programming projects
* Vote in election

> Prepare for next week and resolve all open tasks

I walked farther south than I have since moving here, and I really like how quiet
the side streets are.

Been listening to vogue ball playlists all night.