Milo Land

HIITimer - Exercise Timer w/Routines and TTS (Python)

Check out the up-to-date version on GitHub

I made a basic HIIT timer so I wouldn't have to rely on online pages and really terrible HIIT phone apps that do too much for me anyway. It's the bare minimum:

It doesn't do anything else and there is no reason I can find for it to do anything more.

Preset Routines

Preset routines can be loaded into HIITimer with the `-f` flag followed by the filename:

python3 -f preset1.hiit

There are four fields necessary for a successful routine file:

The parser overlooks blank lines and lines that begin with `#`.

A sample routine that I created looks like this:

# Sample Exercise Routine 1

	Jumping Jacks

exercise_time: 30

rest_time: 10

reps: 4

This program and all the TTS has only been tested on OSX, so please let me know if you get any errors, as I'd love to figure it out :)