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Find and Remove Autocompletes in Sublime Text 3

I just spent forever trying to find a solution for this, so I figure putting it up here will be helpful for me and hopefully for others, too.

In my case, I have been using Emmet to write HTML and CSS much faster. The issue that first came up was that when typing a colon in CSS, by default Sublime Text will add a semicolon. This doesn't allow Emmet to expand correctly, or at best leaves you with an extra semicolon. After getting a hacky fix for this that didn't fix the same problem in a Sass package, I had to actually figure out how to solve the root issue.

OdatNurd on StackOverflow provided a fantastic walkthrough to a similar problem and left me with the tools to actually diagnose and solve the problem. You can use this to find out *what* is happening and in *what* part of the program, not just flailing and hoping you fix something.

OdatNurd's post on StackOverflow

You can find more on overriding packages here