Milo Land

Shell scripts for gig prep

I have been using Nashville notation-esque charts forever and a while ago, got in the habit of doing it in LibreOffice. I can have Transcribe! and LibreOffice open, making context switching cost very small between listening and notating.



One pain point I had was having to output all these `odt` files as `pdf`. Sometimes, having to manually open forty files and click around to export each one. It sucked. I found out later about `unoconv` and made a little script to do that for me.

GitHub - unoconv/unoconv: Universal Office Converter

This started a little cascade of small helper scripts for gig prep that I've added to codeberg.


Some of these are very niche, like renaming songs from 'artist - song' to 'song - artist', and some are immensely useful, like a script that makes a playlist from a setlist text file.

I just love shell scripts and thought I would share!