Milo Land

I made a nonogram game for the browser

A nonogram (or picross) is a sudoku-like puzzle that results in a picture. It's super fun to do and has a fun little prize of a picture once it's solved.


After playing the Japanese SNES cart of Mario Picross, I had an idea of trying to make a three-color version of what is usually a 1-bit black and white puzzle. But my first step was making the basics.

What I have so far is a standard nonogram where you can design your own picture, save the link, and send it to friends. It's pretty satisfying, all things considered. My end goal is to make it as accessible as possible for keyboard users and users of assistive technologies, which should be a good challenge for something like a `grid` role, which is still tricky for me.

My nonogram game in the browser

An example puzzle using the Merveilles symbol