Milo Land

Weekly 3

This was a weird week. Had to stay inside for almost the entirety of it because of a ton of snow and ice everywhere. Was grateful I and my partner could stay at my neighbors house and have a good time hanging with him. But it did interrupt my rhythm and context pretty quickly.

Realized a few of my goals have been hard to hit because they are too unquantifiable. I want to set a goal that I will hit at the end of the month and leave what exactly it is that I _do_ each day up to that day. "Expand my comfort zone" is a goal I have, but not a very SMART one. If I can't measure what I'm trying to do, then I won't meet it. This is why I have felt good more grounded on my journaling, meditation, and exercise. Hard edged goals.


So I'm not sure about this month, but I want to set better SMART-er goals for next month. More iterations, shorter feedback loops, and more meaningful analysis.


I did some exercise every day. If not the burpees, I was out walking. I'm really enjoying the exercise, even though it's a small amount. Getting used to overcoming the internal "I don't want to" and still succeeding is really cool.


Only meditated once this week. This has always been the most difficult habit to keep, especially since I don't have a dedicated space to do it (particularly this week because I stayed at someone else's house for the whole thing). Not an excuse, but my perfectionism kicks in and other fun stuff.

I want to prioritise greasing the groove. Sitting for at least 1 minute a day is great. To reinforce the intention and action. Do it, even if it is at the very end of the day.


Journaled almost every day. Getting back into the swing of free writing and letting my thoughts pour out a little better. It feels good to process stuff.

Use screens mindfully

Definitely an improvement from last week. Had a lot of instances of playing games, having conversations, drawing, playing with a stick, going on walks. Glad I was not spending the entire time just on my computer or phone.

I think part of this is that I spent time thinking about what I wanted to do next and not just gravitating to the phone. I'm not sure what made that easier this week than last, but I want to keep that going.

Face difficult emotions / act instead of analyze

Nothing this week was particularly difficult, but journaling helped me process things as they came up. Got the garbage out quickly before it got too smelly.

Expand comfort zone

Like I wrote above, need to set more SMART goals. Will do that for next month.

Work on the house

Did nothing with this. Again, I think I need better goals for this. I have a few clear ones that would be easy to execute on. Maybe for the end of the month, a good goal would be to get the supplies for finishing the ceiling delivered and put up at least one "lane" of insulation up there with the moisture barrier. At the very least, it would take me in the right direction.

Help my community

Worked more on Lichen, which was fun.


Also helped out a friend who was stuck out of town by taking care of his house and his cat. It was fun, and was glad I could help!

Put time into lockpicking

I got the other Master Lock 3's and they are grimy as hell! Tried to clean them out a little bit and it helped but they still suck. So I need to clean them out. But it has been good practice! Since they are so gummy and sticky, it's been good to try and really listen to them. When I go back to my new one, it's like playing on beginner mode.

Cleaning locks

I also got a combination lock from a thrift store which let me try out the combination picking I learned, and it worked!

Combo lock picking