Milo Land

February - Week 3

I've fallen into doing what is easiest and most fun for me, which has meant leaving out some of the more difficult or less fun things. It's interesting, but exactly what I have this reflection for: course correction over time.

Meditate at least 5 minutes

I was much better this week than last. Sat for every day I had work. Didn't sit when my partner wasn't heading to work, so it looks like I've tied my cues to her heading to work. I think it would make the most sense to sit after I wake up, change, etc. And before I do my journal or anything else. "Eat the frog", etc.

Journal one page

Easy, still no problems. I think it's such an achievable goal that has such obvious benefits to me, it's hard not to do this every day when I wake up. It feels good during and after.

Exercise (minimum walk 1 mile, goal is run half mile, 3 sets of burpees, or some sport for an hour)

This has also been relatively easy to attain. Both with aikido and just doing some exercises at home. I've started doing knuckle pushups to try and strengthen my wrists more for aikido as well. All that along with biking and walking has made it east to feel like I'm getting enough physical exercise.

Reinforcing the wrist joints with knuckle pushups

Express my mood honestly to my partner

Things have been pretty good this week so this goal has been relatively easy. And in general I think I'm getting more comfortable being honest with them. It's baby steps, but it's the way forward.

Get ceiling and walls done in the master bedroom of the house

Our work has slightly shifted from the bedroom to finishing the ceiling as far as we can with the materials we have. It makes more sense to clear out space by using all of the insulation, drywall, etc. so that we have space for the wall drywall and insulation when we're done.

Feels good to make progress here, though! It's starting to feel like there's a house in here somewhere, as opposed to a building filled with gross smells and water damage.

Volunteer twice this month

I finished my work preparing for the neighborhood emergency team, so going to start looking at in-person volunteer and training to try and knock out this goal before the end of this month. This will be hard, but all I can do with that particular avenue.

I want to get at least one in person event by end of this month, so I'll look through my various programs I've collated to find something.

Go to one community event

Haven't done anything this week, since I did go to one event last week, which met my goal for the month. Do I want to go to more? For now, no, as I have plenty on my plate.

Go to three Aikido classes

Easy. Have totally blasted this goal for this month.

Spend 15 minutes praticing lockpicking

Didn't do a lot, but did find it was more fun going back to the locks I know. I realized that I don't have a lot of ability to troubleshoot why my process isn't working on the harder locks. This is a skill issue, so I ordered a book to fill in my foundations and understanding. THIs will hopefully give me a much better understanding of my next steps and what I can do to progressively improve.

No screens from 8pm to 8am

Morning for this have been great. No real issues. Nights have been tough. I talked about it last week, but I need to be a little more deliberate on giving myself alternatives. THis is an engrained habit and therefore will not be so easy to remove. All in time! I'll get there.