Milo Land

March - Week 1

Meditate at least 5 minutes

This was the big one I wanted to do better at this month. This is something that when I do it, I feel better. So I've made it the very first part of my morning routine. Missed only one day this week, very good!

Exercise (do literally any exercise)

Part of the morning routine. I want to grease the groove so that the resistance to or friction to start exercise is minimal in the future. Right now, my schedule makes it easy, but I want this to be habitual.

Journal at least one page

Icing on the cake of my morning routine. As always, has never been too difficult.

Watch Youtube less than one hour

I've always suspected that the internet or social media in general can get a grip on me. I have a hard time stopping once I start. But I've noticed that the big one for me is actually Youtube. It's too easy for me to just drift off into the related videos forever and then it's 2 in the morning, or I'm asleep in all my clothes and now I have no willpower to do what I need to do before bed.

This week has been a success. I find myself reaching for my books or other activities more often when I am "bored".

Volunteer at least two hours a week

"Volunteer" specifically meaning in my case spending time in helping or investing in my community. That can mean working on community projects, volunteering for an organization, attending community events, etc.

This week, I spent time working on Lichen, as well as fixing potholes in my road. It was fun!


Work on aikido four times a week

I go to aikido classes three times a week, but I also want to instill home practice. Currently, my home is hard to practice in, but it's another thing I really want to reduce friction for. I want practice to be something that has little to no barriers and is easy to do. I met this goal this week and feel good about it so far.

No screens before 9am or after 8pm

Part of the above Youtube thing, trying to make me broaden my horizons when I am "bored" and minimize hook-y distractions. Not going too well yet, but still better than it has been for a while. So not ideal, but progress.

Spend 15 minutes praticing lockpicking

Still on and off like last month, but the time I am spending feels more fruitful than it did last month. The time I spent with the "Practical Lock Picking" book has been great so far. I've found some issues I am having in terms of overpressuring, not listening intently enough, and general lack of patience. It feels good.

"Practical Lock Picking" by Deviant Ollam

Install walls in our bedroom

The goal is to move into the bedroom after this month is over. That would mean having insulated walls with sheet rock. This goal is very very doable, I think. We've been putting up the rest of the ceiling drywall and it's been super quick and simple. Plus, that job essentially requires at least two people, and installing insulation in walls is 100% a one person job. So once we get to that point, it'll be super quick.