Milo Land

March - Week 3

Meditate at least 5 minutes

My morning routine got broken up pretty significantly this week from some early morning trips I had to do for volunteering and getting some construction supplies. So I missed a few days this week. But either way, I am feeling much more comfortable and present for my sessions.

Exercise (do literally any exercise)

Same as above, missed my routines a few days. But I did get some moderate exercise those days, anyway, through biking, skating, and aikido.

Journal at least one page

Same as above, but still good.

Watch Youtube less than one hour

Not as good as last week, but I'm feeling way less pull to it as my main "I'm bored" mechanism. I find myself looking to other activities, like going outside, calling friends and family, or other hobbies. Good!

Volunteer at least two hours a week

I volunteered for a couple hours at an educational program this last week and spent some time meeting some neighbors. It felt good to actually be out in my immediate community!

Work on aikido four times a week


No screens before 9am or after 8pm

Definitely the worst this week overall. But I found some new books that I think will keep my interest, so we'll see over this next week.

Spend 15 minutes praticing lockpicking

Didn't do this at all this week. Curious about why this isn't really in my brain at all.

Install walls in our bedroom

Did a little bit of work inside and got the new materials for insulating and rocking up the walls. So next week I'll be able to really get cracking on getting the walls up.