Milo Land

Book reviews: "Meditations on Violence" and "Blink"

I appreciated that this guy really got into every nook and cranny of self-defense. He doesn't just say "run" or "kick their ass using BJJ" or something. He goes into all the conceivable angles (emotional, physical, legal, etc.) of self-defense, it's violence, and what those ramifications are. At times it reads like a tough guy talking about how tough he is, but he is surprisingly honest about what he sees as the essential elements of dealing with the threat of violence.

Rory Miller's "Meditations on Violence"

I enjoyed this book and I see why others like it. Not a book that one can take a lot of action from, though. It kind of says "trust your gut" but also "you can't trust your gut". The moral seems sort of like "if you can harness and understand your gut instincts, then you can rely on them, but also don't". It was interesting but I feel like I closed it saying just that and then moving on to the next thing.

Malcolm Gladwell's "Blink"